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Here Is the Kind of Work we Do

We work with property owners, service providers and a wide range of other players to maximize their value, shape their growth strategies , and become more innovative.  We bring expertise in corporate strategy, cost transformation, cash and capital management issues, organizational design, due diligence, and customer experience and loyalty to every project, providing you with the big-picture view that ensures you achieve maximum value.  

Elk Plain Development

  • Rezoned as part of the plat process (Plan District Development (PDD).
  • Environmental cleanup, working in conjunction with State Department of Ecology.
  • Offsite development project requires extending sewers to the project (2-miles).
  • Working with the state and Pierce County to develop a major roundabout (2-lanes).
  • Develop, execute, implement shared costs agreement with other developers benefiting offsite improvements.
  • Partner with the state and Pierce County for reimbursement agreements for both sewer extension and roundabout improvements.
  • Conduct/facilitate negotiations with vendors and buyer.

Copper Ridge Project

  • SUMMARY: Client requested that our firm consult on ways to potentially increase value.  We initiated and executed a rezone over the course of three years, and then negotiated with builders and developers to sell the property at triple the value.
  • Negotiated purchase and sale agreement.
  • Coordinate with geologist for ground water monitoring, Tacoma Pierce County Health DepartmentWaste Water Engineering, and attorneys for probate.
  • Worked with developer setting up field dates.
  • Worked with arborist to perform onsite tree survey.
  • Worked with geotechnical engineers & excavator onsite to perform soil test pits and install groundwater monitoring wells.
  • Worked with AHBL regarding public notice signs that were posted.

12 Acre BLA Project

  • SUMMARY: Our firm was asked to maximize 12 acres of land that consisted of three poorly-configured legal lots and a right-of-way running through the middle of the property.  We utilized a statute that allowed us to change the legal right-of-way into an additional legal lot, and then transform four poorly-configured legal lots with a boundary line adjustment for highest and best use.  The result was the value of the property increased by hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Worked with surveyors to get boundary line revision submitted.
  • Evaluated site plans with surveyors & owners to determine best plan of action.
  • Met with Pierce County regarding driveways and access.
  • Facilitated road vacation.
  • Worked with Pierce County regarding water and septic.
  • Worked with attorney and surveyor to get easements drawn and recorded.
  • Negotiated purchase and sale agreements.

Magnolia Subdivision

  • SUMMARY: Our firm facilitated a boundary line resolution, coordinated between the current owner and developer, facilitated access for geotech and surveyors, and attended hearings to get the necessary approvals to complete the plat.
  • Helped facilitate boundary line resolution.
  • Facilitated communications between current owner and developer.
  • Facilitated access for geotech, surveyors, and  utility locaters.
  • Facilitated communication with C.E.S.  NW Inc (planning, design & construction engineering & survey of municipal, residential & commercial site development) to determine residential site development potential.
  • Attended hearings for Magnolia plat.
  • Negotiated purchase and sale agreements.

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